Aerial Silks Technique Analysis


Whenever I take a class with a skilled instructor, I say right off the bat “please feel free to tell me anything I’m doing with incorrect technique or what I could be doing better.” I’d rather know what I should be working on than continue with bad habits!

What about you? Are you eager to make progress in your form or unlock a particular skill?

Compassionate, thoughtful feedback empowers you to take the exact steps you need to to take your aerial work to the next level.

My specialty is finding a way to put everything aerial into words that are clear and easy to understand. I will study the way you move and help you understand what is going on in your body and with the fabric. I’ve been able to help students have breakthroughs on skills they’d been stuck on for months and even years. It brings a smile to my face when I can help an aerialist reach their goals.

Feedback is delivered from a place of compassion and excitement for your journey.

After purchasing please upload your video(s) to youtube as unlisted or send to Please keep videos to 5 minutes or less.

All levels welcome.


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