Aerial Silks Video Feedback




Personalized feedback without the premium. Besides live, in-person coaching, this is my favorite way to help aerialists.

Video feedback is service that gets you detailed feedback on aerial silks skills you need help with. You send me a video to analyze, and I have a way to take your video and send it back to you with my verbalized observations recorded into it. I slow down, pause, and go frame by frame in the recording that I give back to you (to keep forever) to figure out exactly what you need to do to improve your technique. In many cases I will also send a video example of me doing the skill you are requesting help with. I also include recommendations for drills if you need to build a particular strength.

Unlike during a private lesson, I can spend time reviewing the skill and analyzing it before I give you feedback.

You can choose to receive video feedback for a specific skill, or holistic feedback if you are seeking a more overarching interpretation of where they are at in the art and discipline of aerial silks. You send me a  video of you doing a sequence and I will tell you what I see in terms of your strengths, areas for development, form, and technique.

Please allow one week (but usually between 1-3 days). If you need it rushed email to let me know it is urgent.

Refunds are issued exclusively in the event that I determine that I do not know how to advise you.

If you are not already familiar with me, see my Instagram feed for more insight into the ways I practice and teach aerial.

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