The Aerialist’s Workbook



Part I: Train Like a Professional

Lay the groundwork of productive practice. Training like a professional is about optimizing your training time and adopting healthy and effective training habits. Whether or not you are a professional aerialist or have intentions to become one, you can train like one. This section helps you identify what is holding back your progress and what to do about it.

Part II: Set Goals

This section provides a goal-setting roadmap that unfolds over 90 days. Following the prompts, you will get specific about what you want to achieve and how you will do so. This includes setting goals for skills, technique, strength, and flexibility, setting up a reward system, and tracking progress.

Part III: A Holistic View

This section is designed to help you see the bigger picture. You will record four videos within 90 days. The videos provide an overview of changes in your movement quality and holistic progress resulting from your goals section. In other words, the goals represents the “what” you do and the video represents the “how” you do it.

Part IV: Onward

Conclusions and reflections.

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