Beyond The Pelvic Floor Workshop Series with Ariel Zablocki, PT, DPT



Beyond the Pelvic Floor

A three class series on parts, periods and pleasure
Sundays 3/5/23, 3/19/23, and 4/2/23 at 10am at SILK Studio. All participants will also receive a link to join remotely or watch the recording. 

The health class you should have gotten if you have a vagina. A 3-part series by Ariel Zablocki, PT, DPT exploring all things vagina (and more). We will dispel myths, adjust our vocabulary towards terms of positivity and inclusion, and feel empowered to discuss our anatomy and physiology with partners, providers, and friends for better vulvar and vaginal health. Each class will incorporate how our moving bodies are influenced by our pelvic floor, cycles, and orgasms. 

Attend 1, 2, or all 3 workshops – save $30 when you purchase the full series.

March 5th: Parts | Advanced anatomy of the pelvic floor
A deep dive into anatomy exploring the functions of vulvas, vaginas, and the lesser known parts. Learn to feel your own uterus and understand the connections between breath and the pelvic floor. Identify your pelvic floor muscles and learn how to move and exercise with them. 

March 19th: Periods | Your Body. Your Cycle.
A thorough exploration of the menstrual cycle and the hormone changes that impact the mind and body. Track your cycle, understand why you feel certain ways throughout the month, and learn how to support yourself. Did you know ligament tears are more likely during certain phases of the menstrual cycle? Learn how your physical body changes throughout the cycle and how this can impact exercise and injury risk. 

April 2nd: Pleasure | A Field Guide to Arousal and Orgasm
A comprehensive understanding of the clitoris and other organs and muscles that assist with orgasm. Learn how your pelvic floor muscles and other parts of your body can impact pleasure. We’ll talk techniques, sex toys, lubricants, partners, and masturbation. 

About Ariel
Ariel Zablocki is a doctor of physical therapy specializing in pelvic health based in Bishop, CA.  She is a passionate health educator, practitioner, and advocate and believes accurately understanding our bodies can be one of the most empowering things a person can know. 

Ariel has worked to develop pelvic health programs in Wyoming and has most recently worked on a nationally recognized team of pelvic health physical therapists in Southern Oregon.  

In her free time, you will find her hiking, knitting, and cross country skiing. 

IMPORTANT: If you are only attending one or two sessions, please email to indicate which zoom links you will need. 

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