Intro to Aerial Choreography Online Course



The Ebook Intro to Aerial Choreography covers all these essential questions and more:

  • Includes 10 assignments to build your choreography one step at a time
  • Helps you connect with your music and yourself to create a personally meaningful, genuine act
  • Teaches you exactly how to design and practice your choreography in such a way that you don’t burn out, veer off track, or get stuck
  • Offers ideas and tips for costuming
  • Tips for performance day
  • Safety considerations & what to do if something goes wrong

This book is aimed at aerialists who have never performed or are new to performing. However, it can also serve as a helpful guide for anyone seeking additional support in creating an aerial act. I turn to the method outlined in this ebook when it is time to create. The structure makes it much easier to move your process along instead of getting stuck in an idea phase.

This guide offers you the clarity and inspiration you need to make steady progress toward a complete performance.

Step-by-step instructions make the project of creating an aerial act feel within reach, and offers a voice of encouragement throughout the process.