Financial Prowess Toolkit: Cashflow Tracker, Income Potential & Price Point Calculator + Workbook

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Achieve Financial Prowess through these resources and coursework material! Take the guesswork out of your financial planning and pricing. Establish a clear method for determining how much to charge and how much you are paying yourself and/or your teachers. Access easy-to-use tools that dramatically clarify and organize your financial planning.

Understanding your finances empowers you to SAVE money and earn more money. This one-time investment will set you up for long-term success as you navigate your creative movement business.


  • Cashflow Tracker with built in calculators (automatically deducts taxes and populates from monthly to annual report). Plug-and-play and ready for you!
  • Price Point Calculators that automatically deduct approximate taxes and credit card fees. Plug-and-play and ready for you!
  • Workbook to help you understand the value you are offering and set price points
  • A walkthrough to show you how to use the spreadsheets – includes lots of tips and insights along the way.

The Cashflow Tracker allows you to track your income and expenses on a monthly basis. It automatically calculates taxes so you have a clear and accurate picture of your finances, instead of waiting until tax season to find out how much money you really earned. The sheets are organized by financial quarter, and all data also automatically feeds into an annual overview so you can easily see how much you are earning and spending. You will be able to make a copy of this spreadsheet and use it every year forever.

  • Clearly track income and expenses
  • See gross and net (after expenses) totals side by side
  • See total net AFTER taxes are removed
  • All monthly data auto-populates to an annual view
  • Easily create graphs from auto-organizing data
  • Avoid hours and hours of math!

The Income Potential & Price Point Calculators are tools that you can use to play around with possible price points and see how many members you would need to reach your goals. You can enter number of members to get price points or vice versa. Allows you to visualize and be realistic in your financial goals, supports budgeting and price setting.

Find out:

  • How much money can you realistically make?
  • What do you need to charge for your classes to meet your income goal?
  • What’s your hourly teaching rate based on your income?
  • What is your profit margin (and what is a profit margin)?
  • How many classes at what price point would you need per week to make six figures a year after taxes?

These calculators also come with a workbook that goes into detail about tax planning and price point setting, including exercises that walk you through the math and essential lines of inquiry for choosing price points.


  • Finance terminology and tips to help you understand the language of money.
  • Strategies for foreseeing and managing taxes to avoid financial surprises.
  • The impact of credit card processing fees on your bottom line.
  • How to choose prices for your classes to achieve income needs and goals.

In this workbook you’ll gain valuable insights that transcend the simplistic notion of “charging what you’re worth.” Instead, you will learn to approach pricing with precision and consideration, taking into account your financial needs, industry standards, and the unique value you offer.

By aligning your pricing strategy with your business goals, understanding your audience, and gauging market demand, you’ll set the stage for a pricing structure that reflects your integrity, resonates with your ideal clients, and leads you to financial success.