Hand Balancing Canes (interchangeable heights)



Sleek look, sturdy construction. The H pattern base makes for unmatched stability. Working handstands has never been easier with 2 heights of canes included and easy to interchange. You can use these hand balancing canes for practice or performance. One pair of 6″ canes and one pair of 10″ canes included.

NOTE! You MUST include the width you would like these to be built at at the time of checkout. Choose between 11″ (narrow) and 16″ (extra wide). The width should be approximately the distance of your hands when positioned under or over your shoulders (the position you should be handstanding in). 

These canes are extremely stable and easily interchangeable. Stable enough for mono limb practice! The split base prevents warping with exposure to sun and elements, as can happen with other designs. Sits flat on gym mats, uneven surfaces, or anywhere else you decide to take them.

Cane width is the measured distance between the two poles. Different body types and/or intended use will dictate the proper width for you. The average person will likely be in the 12-13 inch range for standard handstand practice.

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