Handstand Blocks



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Whether you are just beginning or looking to take your hand balance to the next level, these blocks are the perfect companion.

Handstand and hand balance blocks take stress off of your wrists.
Allow for a full wrap around grip to increase stability and build foundational skills
Low to the ground to make jumping and pressing into handstands a breeze
Non slip bottoms allow for full confidence to push your limits safely

Great for training or performance. Definitely one of the prettiest around 😉

These blocks are not only functional, but drop dead gorgeous! You’ll want to display these on the mantelpiece when they’re not in use, simply for their aesthetic beauty. When your guests ask what they are, then you get the opportunity to show off your handstand skills in style!

The blocks are made from repurposed redwood so you can feel a little better about your carbon footprint.

Small Blocks: 3″x5″ and 2.75″ thick
Good for smaller adult hands and children 7+
Approximately 2lb per set

Large Blocks: 3.75×5″ and 2.75″ thick
Good for larger adult hands or people who like a larger hand platform
Approximately 3lb per set

Such an awesome way to showcase your handstand training. And take your performance to the next level!

Can be used for handstands, yoga practice, fitness and exercise, or just to put display in your front room!

All products are Handmade and build to order! From our shop, to your home.

Quality assurance, If you are not satisfied with your Blocks please let us know!
We will do all we can to amend the issue.

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