Level UP 90-day Transformation EARLY BIRD PRICE!



Mastermind your training to reach your goals and feel great. Sort out your ideas, make a strategy, and create your very own roadmap to your next level.

Receive detailed guidance and advice, templates and charts to track your goals, and inspiration along the way.

Boost your current training, or plan a successful transition back into training after a break or after becoming inconsistent.

This is your chance to get organized, set clear goals, and unlock the motivation and strategy required to break through to the next level of your aerial or pole training…WHILE prioritizing your schedule and well-being.

This program is designed to help you establish your ideal approach to training, set and track goals, and take care of yourself beautifully as you break through to the next level of your training.

Level UP meets you where you’re at and is ultimately structured by YOU. Whether you are prepared to train 4 days a week or can barely squeeze in 60 minutes, we will get strategic to make the most of your efforts.

Beyond helping you achieve goals, this program teaches you how to set and track goals with clarity and ease – reuse the templates and repeat this process as frequently as you wish…


  • 20-assignment in-depth workbook with templates and tables to track your progress
  • 4 group zoom calls to complete assignments, stay motivated and accountable, + Q&A
  • Access to Sara’s weekly restorative stretch class 6:30-7:45pm
  • 24/7 Access to community slack group
  • 10-minute pre-recorded restorative session you can do anytime
  • Option to be matched with an accountability buddy

At $144 this is an absolute STEAL – not to mention if you sign up today to unlock the early bird price.

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Note! You will receive your materials on January 1st.
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