Mindful Training Planner (free shipping in US!)


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Support consistent and intentional training with this planner! This planner includes workout checklists (write your own workouts) and preparation checklists. It also includes sections for monthly goals and intentions, weekly training schedule, and end of month reflections.

Again, this is NOT a pre-made plan! You write in up to four weekly workouts and check them off as you go. I love using this planner because it helps keep me accountable and organized.

Here’s exactly how it works:

-At the beginning of each month you write down your goals, intentions, and what the workouts will be. E.g. Silks conditioning, Handstands, Contortion, Silks choreo, etc.
-You will write out each workout from start to finish, and you will repeat each workout every week for four weeks
-Each time you go to do a workout, you will set an intention and confirm that you are prepared for your workout. You check the boxes from the workouts you wrote as you go down your list. There is a space for reflection at the end of the workout.
-At the end of the month, you will reflect on the full three months.
-Then month 2 begins, and you write new workouts (some skills may feature again I recommend switching things up). Repeat. for months 2 and 3, and then you will be at the end of the workbook.

If you are unable to write your own workouts, this may not be a good planner for you. However, I can help you make custom training plans, so feel free to get in touch.

These are designed by yours truly and printed to order at the local print shop in my town.

At the moment I will only be selling this within the U.S. unless you make a special request and can cover shipping.