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This weekend retreat offers a mix of artistry and adventure in the Eastern Sierra. Enjoy a variety of aerial workshops and choose your own adventure: guided hiking to alpine lakes, paddleboarding, rock climbing, floating the Owens River, swimming in artesian wells, and exploring the extraordinary landscape of the Eastern Sierra.

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Aerial & Hot Spring Self Care Weekend Retreat

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This weekend retreat supports you in doing what you love and practicing self care. Enjoy daily aerial and yoga classes, hot spring excursions, healthy meals and snacks, nourishing treats, and massage. This is the perfect opportunity to reset and connect with yourself. 

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About Payahuunadü / Bishop, California


The Paiute name for the Owen’s Valley is Payahuunadü, which means the land of flowing water. The snow that melts off the mountain range feeds rivers that nourish the valley below, and even provides water to the city of LA. 

The mountains and the water make this place what it is. From glacial lakes in the Palisades to 14,000′ high peaks revealing breathtaking panoramas of the Sierra Nevada, this landscape, just a stone’s throw from Yosemite National Park, feels like it belongs in a fantasy novel. And, its lesser-known status helps keep it beautiful.


About Sara

I remember seeing a vintage film of a trapeze artist in high school. I was awestruck – she was divine. I knew I could not be like that – as an ordinary person I assumed I wasn’t even allowed to enter a sphere as dazzling as that.

Thankfully I was proven wrong. I have been immersed in the world of graceful air dancing since 2015 when I started taking aerial silks classes in Santa Cruz, California. My specialty is fabric but as long as I’m hanging in the air, I’m happy. Today, I work to show others that becoming a graceful, divine acrobat is entirely possible.

I began teaching aerial silks in the mountain town of Bishop, California in 2018. I also create online resources that are enjoyed by aerialists around the world. 

I bring a strong emphasis to technique and love breaking down skills to help students feel more confident in the air. My classes are wild and fun and down to earth, and I’m ridiculously grateful for all the amazing people aerial has connected me with.