S-Wrap Theory & Tutorial

If you’re on your right side, here’s the s-wrap configuration: the pole wraps from your right sidebody, around the back, and around the front (abdomen) with the tail dropping off to the right side below the wrap’s starting position (“below” meaning lower on your body–closer to the feet, but you’re upside down, so it is “higher” in the sense of closer to the ceiling). That’s just a loop around your torso. By hooking the right knee while upside down, you compress the fabric on itself so it can’t go anywhere.

This is an important skill in the discipline of aerial silks that creates the foundation of some drops, including double star, and other tricks such as windmill AKA wheeldown. There are many ways to put a loop around your body and then hook your knee above it to create the s-wrap. I think this is the most accessible entry for most beginning aerialists.

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