Seated Pike Inversions with Wristlocks

Seated pike inversions are one of many ways to train a pike inversion. A crucial advantage is that they remove the burden of getting your feet from under you to hip height while hanging in the air. Plus, watch to see the modification I offer to make it easier.⁣

This drill allows you to focus on the timing of getting your feet as high as you can before lengthening your arms. ⁣

That said, it is somewhat awkward to do these with so little space beneath you. ⁣

1. Put on wristlocks (let’s make life easier shall we?)⁣

2. Lengthen legs and raise feet into the air (not easy! if this is not accessible, more hip flexor and quad training is likely needed). ⁣

3. Pull hands toward pecs while you engage your lower core to posteriorly tilt your pelvis and lift your hips off the ground. ⁣

4. Keep your torso upright until after your pelvis has scooped forward and feet are approaching poles. THEN begin to lengthen your arms.⁣

5. Try to come back the way you came!⁣

This drill goes with my Deep Technique Course that focuses on mastering the pike inversion in order to support inversions, hip keys, and climbs. This course is for anyone who wants to understand body position and technique in inversions and hip keys, and strengthen essential aerial foundations.