Build strength faster with this follow-along silks conditioning workout, refining technique along the way. Try 1-2x a week for four weeks and you will see a difference!

Follow Along Video workout

  • 33-minute workout not including floor warmup and warmdown (longer if you add more rest)
  • Rest built in for your convenience
  • 16 drills (5 of these require inversions)
  • Modifications for select skills
  • Technique guidance
  • Visual guide with images to quickly refer to
  • Checklist for accountability and tracking progress

Who is this for?

  • The late-beginner to intermediate aerialist looking to build strength

  • The experienced silks artist looking for a convenient go-to workout

  • The instructor looking to sneak in conditioning time for themself

  • The creative athlete who prefers aerial workouts to gym workouts
  • The introvert who wants to build strength on their rig at home

  • The busy mama with just a little time for aerial conditioning each week

  • The experienced aerialist rebuilding strength after time off