Splits Squeezes on Floor – Active Flexibility Drill

Splits squeezes on the floor! This is awesome for your active splits flexibility and is an analog for the footlock splits squeezes I shared earlier this week. You will need two blocks (or sturdy stacks of book) and socks that go over the knee, or socks+pants so that you can slide. It will work better on a hardwood/laminate floor.

  • Place your hands on the blocks with one foot forward and one foot back.
  • Try to minimize the support from the hands and arms as you slide into a level of splits that is comfortable for *you*.
  • Squeeze your legs towards each other to rise back up!
  • Remember to sit up tall when going into your splits. You may need to add more blocks/books to make this work for you!
  • Remember not to push too much through your hands and arms. The point is to get the legs to do the work!


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This is a drill that can help you achieve and improve your aerial splits balance. If that’s a skill you’ve been wanting to finally learn, I’ve made an entire virtual workshop that you can watch anytime. You can find that here.

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