We want aerial to contribute to our overall health–not compromise it. As such we take measures to mitigate risk. Students and teachers adhere to an outlined safety agreement.

Quality Instruction
We value deep learning, including education in theory, technique, and skills. We utilize progressions and drills to support aerialists in building a diverse movement vocabulary. Teachers maintain their own practice of aerial and advance their knowledge through continued education.

We strive to empower students by providing quality instruction toward achieving challenging skills. We seek to support growth and confidence by encouraging one another and celebrating one another’s achievements. Our training spaces are free of judgment and open to anyone who would like to learn.

We strive to build a sense of community by genuinely connecting with one another. We participate in the local Bishop Community by performing at public events. 

In performance we abandon competitive mentalities and focus instead on producing meaningful, original artistic works.

We strive to create an environment in which students can laugh and have fun while learning and working on new skills.

We make every effort to be communicative, clear in our policies and rules, organized, punctual, and consistent in our treatment of every student. 

Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts strives to nurture a long-lasting love for creative movement, connect students with themselves and one another, build community through a culture of inclusivity and public events, and encourage self-expression through creative action. Aerial silks will mean something different to everybody, and Wakeful Ascent embraces those diverse interpretations.