Straddle X Drill + Inversion Technique Pointers

Straddle X Crunches! These are GOOD. I really love the way they bring awareness to the lower core and posterior pelvic tuck. This is essential for all inversions and is often a region that can be hard to connect with. This will definitely help build strength and that mind-body connection 🙂 Watch til end for insights on the straddle x inversion itself 🙂

Drill one: crunches
1. Get that x on your back. If you do not know how “do not pass go.”
2. Bring your feet to the level of your hips.
3. The X pushes you into an arch. You need to actively counteract this by drawing your bellybutton in toward your spine and puffing out your back against the x (hollowing). This is not easy! It could be its own drill.
4. Curl your tailbone forward (posterior pelvic tuck) as you lift your pelvis and legs TOGETHER. Just go up a little, then back down (but don’t let your legs go all the way under you).
5. These are tiny and mega. I love it so much.
Drill 2: partial inversions using forearms.
Same setup as previous
1. As you lift your pelvis and legs, push your forearms against poles with elbows out. KEEP YOUR TORSO AND LEGS IN RELATIONSHIP. Do not let the torso get ahead of the lower body. THEY HAVE TO GO TOGETHER! If anything, the legs go first, lifting up really high.
2. Return to upright slowly, and repeat.
Common technique errors for the straddle x inversion:
  • Arched
  • Leading with head
  • Feet way too low, and not leading the way
  • Inactive lower core
  • Lack of pelvic tuck (often caused by legs starting out way too low).
  • Overusing hip flexors, underusing core (it will feel SO hard if you try to do it this way)
This inversion does take strength, but I think 99% of the time people can’t get it, it can be solved with attention to technique. Keep working at it! Check all these points! Message me if you’re confused!
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