Straight-arm Inversion Negatives

Straight-arm Negatives (including straight and bent-leg options). Negatives are just so wonderful because you get to move through the whole pathway, but in the easier direction. I find this to be so useful for gaining familiarity with and building strength within that pathway.

You can’t do these in full unless you’re a bit off the ground, in which case wristlocks are a no-go unless you you know hot to crochet to take them off. You can opt to do these partially with wristlocks or fully without. If you don’t have wristlocks, grip up your hands beforehand so you can focus on the rest of your body.
  • Climb or pull yourself a bit off the ground to invert with split fabrics.
  • From the inverted position, begin to allow your hips to release down.
  • Pull your legs close to your upper body.
  • See if you can get them to graze your arms on the way down.
  • Keep your pelvis tucked until you’re vertical again (and even then, some tuck for hollow body is good).
Watch the space between the poles and your armpits. Best to keep it minimal.
Release as slowly as you can. The more time you spend in the pathway, the stronger you will get.
For the wristlock version, just be aware that you will be crouched on the ground at the end.
Keep breathing while you do this! And you can use a video app to reverse it to see what it would look like as a regular inversion 🙂
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