Straight-leg Conditioning for Aerialists: Hammock Scissors

Aerial Conditioning – aerial silks, aerial hammock (aerial sling)

Whether you are looking for cleaner lines in the air or are working on your straight-leg inverts or hip keys (bent or straight-arm), this drill can help!

This drill is challenging enough when you keep your legs low. See how you feel when you try to lift and lower!!!
It is a major workout for the quads to extend the knee and hip flexors to raise the leg. The calves work hard to keep the toes pointed too. Oh, and the core is on fire
  1. Put on your backpack in your hammock knot (you can thank my first teachers for this phrase)
  2. Hollow out your torso
  3. Cross one leg under the other with legs completely straight.
  4. If that goes okay, try taking the scissor action up and then back down.
  5. Look serene and pretend you do not despise it.
Remember to breathe!



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Try to pay close attention to the knee bend. This drill won’t be helping you if you are doing it with a microbend. If the microbend shows up, try not lifting as high. Work your way up.
Please be sure to warm up before doing aerial work! Microbends show up much more when you’re not warm.

If you’re looking for full workouts you can do at home, Fit4Flight is a series of 5 aerial-specific floor workouts that don’t require any special equipment. Learn more about that here!