Supported Tucks for Aerial Inversion Strength

Supported Tuck Inverts! Moving slowly through a muscular range is an amazing way to build strength. But what if you’re…not strong enough…to move through that range?  This drill uses support from the fabric to help you develop the mind-body connection and literal strength needed for strong, unsupported inverts.

That’s when we try to add supports, whether from a friend, the ground, or the apparatus itself.
1. Position the knot (or sling) onto your low back. Bring your legs through the center of your poles and lengthen the arms to go upside down in a tucked position.
2. Keeping your elbow in, draw yourself back up to a hanging tuck. Try to take a full breath or two here.
3. BRING AWARENESS to your lower core. It is very tempting to move from your hip flexors and you can see me fighting that in this demo. Think of drawing your bellybutton into your spine and contracting the low abs to invert your body.
4. Move slowly through these positions and notice what is most challenging.
Keep breathing 🙂


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Practice these regularly to make the mind-body connection with your lower core and strengthen your tuck inversion.

If you’re looking for full workouts you can do at home, Fit4Flight is a series of 5 aerial-specific floor workouts that don’t require any special equipment. Learn more about that here!