Memberships & Classes

Private Lessons are offered at $80/hour for individual or $100/hour for a duo. Purchase a pack of 4 to save 10%. Email with your availability, apparatus of choice, and info about any prior experience you have.

Class Descriptions

Apparatus Classes

Aerial Fit: This class is open to all levels, including those brand new to aerial. Learn and refine the foundations of aerial movement using a variety of apparatuses and get a great workout while having fun. No prior experience required and no prerequisites. After one pack you will switch to a monthly membership. 

Silks Foundations, Transitions, and Dynamics: This class emphasizes foundational strength training, with a strong focus on inversions, hip keys, footlock mastery, and technical excellence. We will also explore foundations of spinning and dynamic movement. Recommended for anyone still trying to achieve their inversion/straight-arm inversion or make it consistent, anyone trying to develop aerial strength and stamina, or anyone who wants to dive deeper into the details of good form in aerial silks. Prerequisites: Basic, russian climb, inverting from ground, double footlocks, single footlock. *Not a class for absolute beginners. Absolute beginners should register for Aerial Fit. 

Silks 1/2

A mid-late beginner aerial silks class in which we will strengthen foundational skills and learn new tricks. Pre-requisites:

Finding plumb line – no swinging when mounting apparatus, Fabric management – organizing tails before starting skill, Shoulder position in hangs, Wristlocks, Basic Climb, Russian Climb, Invert from floor, Able to return to bent arms after any inversion, Hip Key from floor, Single footlock in air, Double footlocks in air

Silks 3: Develop your aerial strength and skill set with this fun and playful class. We will focus on mastering a variety of skills and begin linking pieces together.  Prerequisites: 
Basic & russian climb, Closed & Split fabric in-air inversions, Hip Key in Air, Footlocks of all kinds in air, Familiar with a variety of silks skills from late beginner to early intermediate

Lyra (Aerial Hoop): An intermediate Hoop class in which we link together skills to make a sequence.  Prerequisite: Single hocks, pullover, front balance, back balance, familiar with a variety of hoop skills. *Not a class for absolute beginners. Absolute beginners should register for Aerial Fit.

Floor Classes & Open Studio

Flexibility: We will work on splits, backbends, and full-body flexibility through targeted drills following an active warm-up. This class emphasizes active flexibility, meaning you will develop strength at your end ranges to be able to hold yourself in a variety of poses. Strongly encouraged for aerial and pole students.

Restorative Stretch + Sound Healing: full-body restorative stretching, nerve glides, and breathwork to reset your system for the week. Every class includes sound healing.

Open Studio: supervised training time in whatever discipline you like! Prerequisites: three classes (at Wakeful Ascent or elsewhere) & have instructor approval for any given apparatus, including pole.