For private lessons please email $75/Hour or $100/hour for two students.

Classes are resuming!

Power Hour: A textbook case of false advertising–this class is an hour and 15 minutes. Build aerial-specific strength with targeted conditioning on the floor and on apparatus. This is a high-intensity class with no prerequisites other than a willingness to smile (or complain theatrically) through the burn.

Technique, Transition, and Flow: Aerial silks–refine your aerial pathways, explore the spaces between, and learn to seamlessly connect skills. Note that Silky Skills is an excellent complement to this class. Prerequisites: Comfortable inverting in the air, hip key in air, single/double footlocks in air, familiar with a variety of climbs and skills, s-wrap, front-balance, back-balance, 3 consecutive opposite side inversion climbs.

Silky Skills: Learn new tricks and skills in aerial silks. In this class we focus on mastery by breaking down skills to their basic components and building them from the ground up (literally). This class includes an emphasis on theory and expanding your portfolio of skills. It beautifully complements TTNF. Prerequisites: Intro to Aerial Silks & instructor approval or: able to invert in the air, hip key, single and double footlocks, basic climb, russian climb, thigh hitch, + instructor approval.


Sultry Sunday Pole Floorwork: Slink into a sensual embodied state in a safe, judgment-free space as you learn and practice floorwork pole sequences. This class supports your movement quality journey, self-expression, sensual intuition, and promotes balanced flexibility/strength (yes, we will work on our splits!). Open level

Beginner Pole: Learn the foundations of pole and explore a variety of tricks. This class will include pole conditioning and lessons on both static and spin pole. Open level.

Beginner Lyra:
Learn the foundations of lyra (aerial hoop). Develop strength and flexibility and learn to connect skills together for fun and flowing combos. Open level. 

Prenatal Yoga: A gentle class for you to connect with yourself, your baby, and a loving community. Bring poses, breathwork, meditation, and pregnancy-specific practices together to find strength, comfort, and ease in your pregnancy and to prepare for birth. Enjoy prop-supported sequences with modification recommendations for every trimester. Taught by Sara, 200 Hour RYT and 100 hour Prenatal Yoga RYT. 

Open Studio: supervised training time with options to use studio equipment or bring your own. Prerequisites: four classes (here or elsewhere) & have instructor approval for any given apparatus, including pole.