Technicolor Beat: Lush, Flowing Aerial Sling/Hammock Choreography (Full Lesson, online!)

Available online now! Release into creative flow state with sling choreography to Technicolor Beat by Oh Wonder. This is a intermediate choreography, though it is also appropriate for strong late beginners. Alternatives are provided for the more difficult skills. There are no free-hanging inversions in this choreography. There is one small, optional drop.

This choreography is broken into 4 parts. Each part is narrated in depth with slow-motion break-downs and timing cues. An additional tutorial is provided for the most difficult skill.

Embedded in the full narrated lesson are opportunities to bring in your own unique ideas and personal style.

Logistics: You should have 10-12′ of TOTAL height (from floor) with the fabric hanging at about hip height.

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You may reach out to Sara with any questions or for tips or clarifications once you purchase. Tag @wakefulascentaerial on Instagram with your progress updates!