Technique for Same-side Knee Hook

Here is a fascinating tip that will help you understand and troubleshoot sliding in knee hooks in aerial silks!

Before I begin, note that shoulder position is NOT the only factor in sliding down the fabric, and I will get more into other factors in future posts.

Let’s say everything about your hips, knee, and back are pretty much in place but you’re sliding. Check shoulder position. Internal rotation (or simply not ENOUGH external rotation) in the top or only hand is a major culprit for sliding!

When you INternally rotate the shoulder, the wrist will also begin to internally rotate to avoid strain on the joint. As that internal rotation occurs, the fabric above and below the hand fall more in line vertically. Only super strong grip could possibly mitigate the resultant sliding, but grip is also compromised by an internally rotated wrist and the weight of you pulling on it is no bueno for keeping that joint safe. Sliding down once internally rotated ultimately protects your wrist.

If you EXTERNALLY rotate the shoulder, the wrist follows, now the BACK of your hand is PRESSING against your thigh. This tightens the wrap around the leg AND changes the direction of the fabric as it flows past the knee. It creates a more horizontal path that then acts like a little shelf for you knee – COOL!

PLUS with EXternal rotation your arm/elbow are helping squeeze the tail into your side for additional security.

In aerial generally (BUT NOT ALWAYS), when in doubt, turn it out.

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