Vision Roadmap + Life Audit

Vision Roadmap + Life Audit

This post is about the fact that there are so many good ideas out there–floating around in peoples’ heads…and don’t miss the anonymous survey at the end.

The Vision Roadmap is a tool for filling out some of the details and the strategy for an idea you have. A “vision” might sound ambitious, and it may very well be, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s just something that you can *see* in your imagination that you’d like to see actualized.

The point is to take something worthwhile that is floating around in your head and see how it might take shape in real life. The exercise might even make you realize you don’t really want that thing after all–which is good–that much more clarity for you.

My recommendations for a day (or week? month?) of clarification:

1. Fill out the free Reflections & Goals Packet or similar template for goal-setting.

2. Fill out the free Vision Roadmap (it can take between 20 minutes to several hours depending on where you are in your thought processes).

3. Audit your belongings: Go through your room/van/house/wherever you live and ask of each belonging “Does this represent who I want to be? Does this help cultivate the mindset or lifestyle that aligns with my vision?” Consider clothes, belongings, decor, etc. For example, when I was experimenting with zero-waste, I gave away a lot of things that were made of plastic. In 2018 a clothing purge gave me a wonderful mental reset and a fresh look. I gave away or scrapped anything that didn’t fit right, had holes or stains, or that I just didn’t find myself wearing.

This is also a good moment to consider what needs to be replaced or added to your life.

Note: I have rarely remembered let alone missed anything I donated. 

4. Audit your digital life. Oof, this is tough. This year I deleted Amazon. Yesterday I deleted an extraneous Instagram account and a handful of apps on my phone. Today I deleted Facebook, and I started to go through the messy of files on my computer.

This is a good time to unfollow people or unsubscribe from newsletters that don’t interest you (no hard feelings if you leave my accounts–if you’re not interested it doesn’t make sense for me to send you content).

Ask yourself what your social media platforms are offering that you most need, and also how they may be detracting from who you want to be and what you want in your life. Personally, I am weighing the possibility of utilizing newsletter/website more and Instagram less. This is going to have to be a blog post for another day, but I am concerned about how social media platforms influence our creative processes.

The audit has the power to show us our attachments. We’ll think “I can’t let go of this, because…” 

But is it an ego trip or is it integral to the desires and inspirations of your soul? What if letting go of a few things liberated you into something more important? Often, the harder something is to let go, the greater the reward you receive once you do.

Examine the can’ts. Think through and write out what would happen if you did. I’m not saying to recklessly delete all social media or quit your job. Maybe you don’t have to let go all the way–maybe there is a middle ground. Examine it. See what it all comes down to for you.


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