Your Training. Your Art. Your Life.

There is one thing you need if you want to get to the next level as an aerialist or pole artist…whether that level involves performing or simply getting back to training…

This one thing is the core of everything you do in your training.

and if you get it wrong, chances are, you’re going to miss your goals as an artist, have a lot of training days that feel “off”, and stay right where you’re at – no matter how much training time you log.

But before I tell you what it is, tell me…

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know EXACTLY what goals you have…but are not sure how to unlock them
  • You keep doing the same few skills over and over
  • You never get into “the zone” when you train
  • You’re putting in all the work but still not progressing
  • The microbends are NOT going away
  • You don’t know what goals to set for yourself
  • Your body hurts and feels tight
  • Your training leaves you exhausted
  • You dream of performing but can tell you’re not ready
  • You feel stuck because you’re missing key strength or flexibility needed to get the skills you want most
  • You get anxious about taking a break from your training
  • You see others progressing while you plateau
  • You’ve gained tons of skills but your form and technique make you look like a beginner
  • After losing strength, you feel like you will never get back to where you were

 Honey, I have felt every single one of these things…
and if you nodded to anything on this list…

here's what you need to know


The #1 reason your training isn’t “doing it for you” is that you don’t have a detailed plan. You lack a clear strategy to build your skills within training session and over longer periods of time.

You see, being an aerialist or pole artist is all about doing things strategically – you just don’t accidentally progress in art forms as challenging and complex as aerial and pole.

So without a plan, you stay the same. 

And I have a feeling that’s not what you want…


Introducing the Level up 90-day transformation

In this program you will mastermind your training to reach your goals while honoring your body and season of life. You will learn how to set, track, and accomplish your goals with my tested and proven method, whether you train pole, aerial silks, aerial hoop, corde lisse, or any other apparatus – this is compatible with them all.

This is not just any other course that teaches you one thing…and I’m not going to just “tell you what to do.” This is a holistic program that gives you the exact tracking systems and blueprint for you to take the lead in goal-setting and developing three major areas of your art:

training, movement quality, and self care

We will look closely at each of these aspects of your journey – gain a deeper understanding of what you need to be successful and promote longevity in your training. 

The best part is, it is designed in a way that allows you to work with your schedule and the season of life you are in – because you know your body best. 

Whether you’re at your strongest ever, just delivered a baby, or can’t remember the last time you unlocked a new skill, Level UP gives you the exact steps and systems you need to shift toward your next evolution as an artist.


Mastermind Your Training

Establish your ideal approach to training, set and track goals, and take care of yourself beautifully as you methodically break through to the next level of your training – whether that means unlocking epic new skills or simply becoming consistent.

We begin January 1st 2023! Doors are open NOW and close December 31st at midnight. Early bird price ends 12/18!

To ensure the quality of this program for all members, I am limiting enrollment.
Secure your spot today before it's too late!


Oh! Did I tell you about the amazing early bird discount?! The usual price for this program is $144…

But if you join today, you can get it for $124.

REMINDER: If you are an instructor or performer you can write off this course on your taxes 😉

No matter what your unique goals are or what season of life you are in, my goal is to help you develop an approach to training that you truly love - and give you the tools to edit that approach as you carry on past your 90 days.

meet your coach

Hi, I’m Sara, founder of Wakeful Ascent Aerial Arts.

Back in 2018, three years after I started aerial training, I just knew that I was capable of achieving more than I was. And I was OVER being a floppy noodle!

After a few months of trial and error, I realized that I didn’t need extra training to accomplish my dreams…
All I needed was a simple but strategic plan that I could execute easily.

So, I tried and tested various plans…for THREE YEARS.

Until I understood the patterns of training well enough and found an approach that works like a charm. I actually couldn’t believe the goals I was achieving – and exceeding.

And people specifically told me how beautiful my form was or how graceful I was – the floppy noodle vibe was a thing of the past!

You don’t have to go through the hours and hours (well, years) of experimentation that I did. 

I have spelled it all out for you.


but this is not for everyone

This program is only created for specific aerial and pole artists who are determined to achieve their goals.

This training IS FOR you if you:

  • Want to create a clear direction in your training with a set of goals
  • Are happy to support, celebrate, and encourage others in the group
  • Are prepared to make edits to your current training
  • Have the option to train on your own time (open studio or your own rig)
  • Want to enhance the effectiveness of your training
  • Are willing to try new ideas to see how they work for you

Here’s the thing…

A few months from now, you could either be in the exact same place you’re in as you read these words…


You could be well on your way with us to the next level – feeling great about the way you train and the way training makes you feel.

You choose 😉

space is limited! Enroll today.


Q: Will you be giving us a training plan to follow?
A: No – I am providing you with the systems and templates that empower you to design your own training in a way that is logical, coherent, effective, and mindful of your life and well-being. 

Q: What happens after the 90 days?
A: After day 90, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to repeat the 90-day cycle – you can continue repeating it indefinitely, editing it to reflect any changes in your level and lifestyle. 

Q: I need someone to help keep me accountable…
A: We got you 😉 and you have the option to be matched with an accountability buddy.

Q: Are you going to do this next year? Would it make sense to join again?
A: Yes. Once you go through this program you will have everything you need to be organized in your training forever, however, you will likely want to join annually in order to reinforce the motivation, start your year off with extra accountability, and refine your planning through the Q+A. 

Q: How does this work to help me reach my goals?
A: This program gives you a systematic way to organize and track your goals over time, plus, we will discuss the “how” of goal-setting to make sure that you are being realistic. 

Q: I have a pretty busy schedule – is this going to be time consuming?
A: The program requires a few hours upfront for you to get organized and make your plan, and we’ll have 1-hour check-ins 3 times after that. But you will be dictating your own training schedule, so you can choose exactly how much time to give to your art form. 

Q: I am interested but my discipline is contortion, not aerial or pole. Would I be able to join?
A: Yes, the idea is the same, we will just modify one small area of the goal set to make sense for you.

Q: I have some things going on early 2023 that I already know will make me unable to train. So I shouldn’t join right?
A: No – part of the purpose of this program is to help you work with your life. I would only recommend avoiding this program if your training will be completely dormant. 

Q: I am brand new to aerial/pole. Should I enroll?
A: No -this program is recommended for those who already have their foundations in place and have the opportunity to train outside of a class setting. Come back next year! In the meantime, check out FIT4FLIGHT to supplement your classes and get started with the right habits.